AFR Spoilers – Power Word Kill – Doom Blade Killer?

power word kill art

One of the most deadly spells from Dungeons & Dragons is here. Of all the cards spoiled so far in the upcoming set Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, Power Word Kill might be the most meaningful yet!

Power Word Kill

At the Doom Blade cost of (1B), Power Word Kill is more murder for your mana!

Here's the breakdown:

There are 11,820 creatures available to play currently.

On subtype incompatibility alone (including shapeshifters but not including Hexproof and other protections), Power Word Kill misses only 610 of the Devils, Demons, Angels, and Dragons.

For comparison with the same parameters, Doom Blade around 2,600 black cards.

Get ready for the new card that you're going to see everywhere.

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Jeff Clements