Simic Mass Manipulation ft. Tamiyo, Nissa, Ugin, Finale of Revelation

Mass Manipulation art

In a format dominated by Teferi, Time Raveler, counterspells are at an all-time low. This means one of the best ways to go completely over the top of your opponents is to play a bunch of ramp into game-winning X spells such as Mass Manipulation and Hydroid Krasis. This deck also gets to take full advantage of the absurd infinite-value engine of Tamiyo, Collector of Tales and Planewide Celebration. This deck fits right into our wheelhouse of being super fun while also being super powerful, so of course we made a video with it!

Simic Mass Manipulation Decklist:

1 Chemister's Insight
10 Island (335)
9 Forest (347)
4 Hydroid Krasis
4 Incubation Druid
4 Llanowar Elves
3 Nissa, Who Shakes the World
3 Tamiyo, Collector of Tales
1 Ugin, the Ineffable
4 Growth Spiral
3 Entrancing Melody
4 Mass Manipulation
1 Planewide Celebration
4 Hinterland Harbor
4 Breeding Pool
1 Finale of Revelation


Arena-formatted decklist:

1 Chemister's Insight (GRN) 32
10 Island (RIX) 193
9 Forest (RIX) 196
4 Hydroid Krasis (RNA) 183
4 Incubation Druid (RNA) 131
4 Llanowar Elves (M19) 314
3 Nissa, Who Shakes the World (WAR) 169
3 Tamiyo, Collector of Tales (WAR) 220
1 Ugin, the Ineffable (WAR) 2
4 Growth Spiral (RNA) 178
3 Entrancing Melody (XLN) 55
4 Mass Manipulation (RNA) 42
1 Planewide Celebration (WAR) 172
4 Hinterland Harbor (DAR) 240
4 Breeding Pool (RNA) 246
1 Finale of Revelation (WAR) 51


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Michael Schuller