Commander: The First Sliver

The First Sliver art

The First Sliver is yet another 5-color Legendary Sliver that is an obvious but powerful choice for a Commander. The fun part about building a Sliver Commander deck is that you can play with a different 5-color Commander every game. The First Sliver, however, is a particularly powerful new option as anyone who has played with Maelstrom Wanderer will know. As always with our Commander series, we're not here to tell you how to build your Commander deck, but we have saved you a bit of the work to get started. After the Commander options and top Commander Tribal cards, we've sorted all of the Slivers that exist as of Modern Horizons into three tiers: Top Tier Slivers, Good Slivers, and Other Slivers. Lastly, we've identified some key 5-color enablers and lands to make the deck run smoothly.


The First SliverSliver LegionSliver HivelordSliver OverlordSliver QueenMorophon, the Boundless

Tribal Synergies:

Kindred SummonsPatriarch's BiddingDistant MelodyHarsh MercyKindred DominanceVanquisher's BannerDoor of DestiniesWild PairMana EchoesKindred DiscoveryHerald's HornCryptic GatewayDescendants' PathSteely ResolveGuardian ProjectObelisk of UrdCoat of Arms

Top Tier Slivers:

Battle SliverBlade SliverBlur SliverBonescythe SliverBonesplitter SliverBrood SliverCleaving SliverClot SliverCloudshredder SliverConstricting SliverCrypt SliverCrystalline SliverDarkheart SliverDregscape SliverEssence SliverFrenetic SliverFury SliverGalerider SliverGemhide SliverHarmonic SliverHeart SliverHibernation SliverMagma SliverManaweft SliverMegantic SliverMight SliverMuscle SliverNecrotic SliverPlated SliverPredatory SliverPulmonic SliverSedge SliverShifting SliverSinew SliverSpiteful SliverSteelform SliverSynapse SliverSyphon SliverTelekinetic SliverVirulent SliverWard SliverWinged Sliver

Good Slivers:

Basal SliverCautery SliverDiffusion SliverDormant SliverFrenzy SliverFungus SliverHollowhead SliverHorned SliverHunter SliverMesmeric SliverMnemonic SliverOpaline SliverPoultice SliverPsionic SliverReflex SliverRoot SliverSentinel SliverShadow SliverSpinneret SliverStriking SliverTempered SliverThorncaster SliverToxin SliverTwo-Headed SliverVenom SliverWatcher Sliver

Other Slivers:

Acidic SliverArmor SliverBarbed SliverBattering SliverBelligerent SliverBladeback SliverDementia SliverEnduring SliverFirewake SliverFirst Sliver's ChosenGhostflame SliverGroundshaker SliverLancer SliverLavabelly SliverLeeching SliverMetallic SliverMindlash SliverMindwhip SliverMistform SliverQuilled SliverScreeching SliverScuttling SliverSidewinder SliverSliver ConstructSpectral SliverSpined SliverSpitting SliverSynchronous SliverTalon SliverVampiric SliverVenser's SliverVictual Sliver

Key Lands and 5-color Enablers:

Chromatic LanternCryptolith RiteCascading CataractsCommand TowerExotic OrchardUnclaimed TerritoryCavern of SoulsMana ConfluenceCity of BrassPath of AncestryReflecting PoolAncient ZigguratSliver Hive

Did we miss anything good? Is anything in the wrong tier? Let us know in the comments and we'll update it! And of course, if you enjoy our Commander content, be sure to check out that sidebar and subscribe to our Commander feed!

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Michael Schuller