MH2 Spoilers – Chef's Kiss

chef's kiss art

Chef's Kiss is a cool new red spell from Modern Horizons 2.

chef's kiss

This is not necessarily an intuitive card, so what exactly are its applications? Let's start with an obvious one:

ThoughtseizeInquisition of Kozilek

Players are going to think twice before casting a discard spell into three open red mana! It's usually not "profitable" to counter or interact with hand disruption, but if you Chef's Kiss a Thoughtseize, suddenly you've found yourself with a 3 for 1. Their spell is "countered" and you get to discard two cards from their hand.

Lightning BoltDismemberPath to Exile

Targeting creature removal spells seems like the next best option for Chef's Kiss, and probably the most commonly useful. This will again be a blowout, turning your opponent's removal spell into a 3 for 1 against them.

Lava Spike

Is Chef's Kiss also a blowout in a burn mirror?

Given these applications, it seems like Chef's Kiss may be a card to consider in sideboards for either matchups against discard or matchups where both sides are casting creatures. Three mana is a lot to hold up for this purpose, but the potential for a game-changing blowout is so huge that it could very well be worth it!

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Michael Schuller