MH2 Spoilers – Garth One-Eye

garth one eye art

Garth One-Eye is the closest Wizards will get to breaking the Reserved List. Now we can make our own Black Lotus!

garth one-eye

What!? We can cast any of these iconic spells from Magic's history:

DisenchantBraingeyserTerrorShivan DragonRegrowthBlack Lotus

Garth's prepared spells cover just about any situation he might find himself in, more so than many planeswalkers. He can kill most permanent types, he can find us additional cards, he can bring back anything we've cast previously, and he can even SUMMON A DRAGON! None of this is even to mention that he SAYS THE WORDS BLACK LOTUS right there in his little text box. We're very happy that Garth's existence will lead to many more players taking our favorite line:

Black Lotus.


It's not often that you get to cast a Black Lotus, never mind pass the turn right after. But with Garth, you have a Braingeyser sitting there waiting to be cast with a ton of mana the following turn! So thank you, Garth.

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Michael Schuller