MH2 Spoilers – Prismatic Ending

prismatic ending art

Prismatic Ending is a versatile removal spell from MH2 that is sure to show up in sideboards from time to time.

Prismatic Ending

Prismatic Ending doesn't ever get you ahead on mana like you'd hope for your point removal, but it's incredibly flexible. For starters, there are a ton of relevant creatures in Modern that you'd like to spend a kill spell on that only cost a single mana.

Death's ShadowMonastery Swiftspear

But aside from the obvious creatures, Prismatic Ending can handle any nonland permanent. There are a ton of important 1-drop targets to hit:

AEther VialExpedition MapUtopia Sprawl

If Chalice of the Void is ever a thing, Prismatic Ending can also be used as an answer, since it can remove 0 cost cards as well. Just make sure to pay at least 1 mana for X so that it doesn't get countered!

Chalice of the Void

Of course, hitting 1-drops is not the only function of Prismatic Ending. It's easy enough to sink 2 or 3 different colors of mana into this to remove a vast majority of the nonland permanent spells that get played in Modern. Such versatility means that we can expect Prismatic Ending to be a solid role player in all formats in which is it legal.

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