Pioneer Playable Cards – Lands

Wizards of the Coast has just announced Pioneer as the newest format that will receive support on both Magic Online and in tabletop with PTQs and several Grand Prix events showcasing the format next year. The exciting part is that there's no metagame yet and virtually no banned list to start with (only fetchlands are excluded), so it's a brewer's paradise! Not since the invention of Modern has there been a better time to go on a brewing frenzy to figure out what is possible in a new format. We've done some of the initial legwork for you by scouring the entire list of 6,410 cards that are currently legal in the format and eliminating 87% of them so that you don't have to look at the draft chaff. What we've compiled here is a list of every card that could potentially be playable, whether it's a format staple, a role-player in certain archetypes, a sideboard card, or a build-around type card to get those creative juices flowing. Go ahead and bookmark this page to use as a reference when brewing – we certainly will be!

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Pioneer – Notable Sideboard Cards

Pioneer Azorius Manabase

Glacial FortressHallowed FountainIrrigated FarmlandPort TownPrairie StreamTemple of Enlightenment

Pioneer Boros Manabase

Battlefield ForgeClifftop RetreatInspiring VantageNeedle SpiresSacred FoundryTemple of Triumph


Pioneer Dimir Manabase

Choked EstuaryDrowned CatacombFetid PoolsSunken HollowTemple of DeceitWatery Grave


Pioneer Golgari Manabase

Blooming MarshHissing QuagmireLlanowar WastesOvergrown TombTemple of MaladyWoodland Cemetery


Pioneer Gruul Manabase

Cinder GladeGame TrailRootbound CragSheltered ThicketStomping GroundTemple of Abandon


Pioneer Izzet Manabase

Shivan ReefSpirebluff CanalSteam VentsSulfur FallsTemple of EpiphanyWandering Fumarole


Pioneer Orzhov Manabase

Caves of KoilosConcealed CourtyardGodless ShrineIsolated ChapelShambling VentTemple of Silence


Pioneer Rakdos Manabase

Blood CryptCanyon SloughDragonskull SummitForeboding RuinsSmoldering MarshTemple of Malice


Pioneer Selesnya Manabase

Canopy VistaFortified VillageScattered GrovesSunpetal GroveTemple GardenTemple of Plenty


Pioneer Simic Manabase

Botanical SanctumBreeding PoolHinterland HarborLumbering FallsTemple of MysteryYavimaya Coast


Pioneer Rainbow Lands

Aether HubCascading CataractsEvolving WildsFabled PassageInterplanar BeaconLotus FieldMana ConfluenceSpire of IndustryUnclaimed Territory


Pioneer Utility Lands

Arch of OrazcaBlast ZoneCastle ArdenvaleCastle EmberethCastle GarenbrigCastle LocthwainCastle VantressDetection TowerDrownyard TempleDunes of the DeadEmergence ZoneField of RuinField of the DeadGeier Reach SanitariumHostile DesertDarksteel CitadelCabal StrongholdInventors' FairIpnu RivuletKarn's BastionMobilized DistrictMutavaultMystic SanctuaryNykthos, Shrine to NyxRadiant FountainRamunap RuinsRuins of Oran-RiefSanctum of UginScavenger GroundsSea Gate WreckageShrine of the Forsaken GodsSliver HiveThespian's StageTournament GroundsTomb of the Spirit DragonUrborg, Tomb of YawgmothWestvale Abbey // Ormendahl, Profane PrinceZhalfirin Void


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