MH2 Spoilers – Profane Tutor

profane tutor art

Profane Tutor from Modern Horizons 2 is the latest way to tutor, and it's a good one!

Profane Tutor

Profane Tutor is obviously an homage to Demonic Tutor. Much like Lotus Bloom compared to Black Lotus, the modern version is much weaker but still powerful enough to be a strong consideration in the formats in which it is legal. Much like the aforementioned comparison, you can cast Profane Tutor for the same mana as its predecessor, but you need to wait some time before receiving the overpowered effect.

Demonic Tutor

Unlike some of the other suspend cards like Restore Balance, Profane Tutor actually comes in in a reasonable timeframe. If you suspend on turn 2, you will get to tutor on turn 4, which in formats like Modern is probably exactly the turn that you'd have the mana assembled to use whatever combo you're looking for. The downside of course is that Profane Tutor is a weaker topdeck since two turns can be an eternity to wait when you're not doing anything else.

As ForetoldElectrodominance

Even though it's easy enough to cast and resolve Profane Tutor on its own, it's possible that it could be at its best supplementing an As Foretold and Electrodominance strategy. Profane Tutor could occupy an interesting slot in a deck like this, where it can be used naturally as a way to assemble your combos if you've drawn it early, and it can be cheat-cast later in the game if you can find a line to victory immediately.

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Michael Schuller