MH2 Spoilers – Urza's Saga

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Urza's Saga from Modern Horizons 2 joins an important list of cards in Magic: the Gathering – cards that have the names of other Magic expansions! Urza's Saga joins Time SpiralMorningtide, Planar Chaos

urza's saga mh2

OK, we're just joking around, but that's just because Urza's Saga the card is so obviously incredibly busted. I guess the same was true for Urza's Saga the set. Hmm, maybe this was intentional.

So how exactly does this card work? It's kind of a weird one, being the only Land Saga in the game. Up front, it's just a colorless land. More likely, it will be used to create one or two construct tokens. With the third chapter on the stack, you can activate it for mana or for its Chapter II ability before it is sacrificed. Getting just one token off our your land is already pretty strong, but two is a huge deal in any matchup that is not purely based on tempo.

What should we include in our deck to support Chapter III? At worst, we can replace the land with another card draw using something like Chromatic Star or Mishra's Bauble. Perhaps a Welding Jar to protect our shiny new tokens? But there are no shortage of powerful and situationally-relevant cheap artifacts that are commonly played in Modern.

Relic of ProgenitusPithing NeedleGrafdigger's Cage

We could also just get a creature like Signal Pest to go with the beatdown plan. Springleaf Drum provides an option to stay neutral on mana. We could even run this in a bigger mana deck alongside Expedition Map to keep a chain going with Urza's Saga.

Signal PestSpringleaf DrumExpedition Map

Whether it's in the aggressive affinity-style gameplan or the more toolboxy artifact gameplan, you'll be sure to see plenty of Urza's Saga in Modern from now on!

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Michael Schuller