MH2 Spoilers – Squirrel Sovereign

squirrel sovereign art

Squirrel Sovereign is another important card from Modern Horizons 2 for the Squirrels tribe to take it from fringe favorite to the center of the spotlight.

Squirrel Sovereign

This lord is on power level with powerful lords from other tribes, such as Sinew Sliver and Lord of Atlantis. However, squirrels are uniquely good at showing up in large quantities, such as perhaps in the form of 1/1 squirrel tokens? This is such an obvious pairing with Chatterfang, Squirrel General that the combination may be powerful enough for competitive formats. With a large number of tokens, we can potentially run effects like Chord of Calling that will search out our little noble.

We already know that squirrels are mighty enough to trade with an Elite Vanguard, but with Squirrel Sovereign on the battlefield each little squirrel can take down a massive Grizzly Bear!

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Michael Schuller