MH2 Spoilers – Sword of Hearth and Home

sword of hearth and home art

Sword of Hearth and Home is the latest in the iconic swords cycle thanks to Modern Horizons 2.

sword of hearth and home

These mythic pieces of equipment are always pretty powerful, and Sword of Hearth and Home is no exception. Any deck that can run equipment can run creatures with enters the battlefield effects to repeat, with Stoneforge Mystic being the obvious perfect pairing. The "green" ability to put a land into play is worth a full card as well, and even comes into play untapped. This means you get a discount on the turn that you equip the sword and generate additional mana with each additional connection.

Stoneforge Mystic

The value of the two colors of protection vary depending on the format and metagame, but white is one of the commonly played removal colors in Modern, and green is one of the common colors for creatures that could potentially block your equipped creature, so we expect both to be relevant!

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Michael Schuller